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Re: User requested authorization to join foodsoft-adam-ops

On 19-01-14 05:13, angelo wrote:
Here and there I have seen indications that Adam may be easier to deploy, etc.

Hi Angelo,

Are you referring to pull request #250, that's equally usable on foodcoops/foodsoft - and I hope to integrate that in a couple of days.

The foodcoop-adam/foodsoft repository includes tweaks specific to the Dutch situation. We've disabled certain things like tasks and messages (since we use foodsoft a bit differently than most German foodcoops, I presume). I wouldn't advise anyone else than us to use it at this moment. I hope eventually be able to use foodcoops/foodsoft, after it has gotten enough customisation options (like plugins).

If you're interested in certain features present in foodcoop-adam, please let me/us know. That helps me to prioritise which changes to get to upstream first.

- Willem